Underground Sewer & Surface Water Drainage

Underground Sewer & Surface Water Drainage

We offer a complete technical and commercial answer to all non-pressure, surface and sub-surface water drainage applications for all residential, highway, rail and airport infrastructure projects and serving the agricultural, sports & leisure sectors.

Underground Sewage Systems:

Basic Septic Tanks only partially treat sewage and discharge effluent of low quality. Many authorities in the UK & Ireland prohibit their use.

A comprehensive range of Underground Sewerage PVC-U pipes & fittings are available, conforming to British Standard EN1401-1 / BBA / LG1977 includes dia 110mm up to 315mm – Pipe, short and long radius Bends, Junctions, Gully’s, Reducers, Risers, Traps, Hoppers, Adaptors and Couplers.

Polysewer Range of 150mm to 300mm uPVC structured wall pipes & fittings for use in gravity sewer systems also available. Manufactured in accordance with BSI kitemark Licence Number KM55698 to WIS 4-35-01.

The range includes a complete system of couplings, seals, bends, junctions & specialist fabrications.

Twinwall / Structured Wall Drainage Systems:

Gravity Twinwall HDPE Drainage systems offer a direct alternative to concrete and clayware pipes. A full range 110mm to 600mm is available including Pipe & Fittings offering the new HAPAS specification (Highways Authorities Product Approval Scheme) issued by the BBA

Large diameter gravity or low pressure structured wall pipe systems made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) can be offered where a lightweight engineered pipe with superior loading capacity is required, diameters ranging from 400mm to 1500mm plus. These systems are key in conveying liquids or air, below ground level, above ground or under water in gravity applications underwater and gravity applications. These pipes are designed, manufactured in accordance with National and International standards such as BS EN 1295, BS EN 13476 and WIS 4-35-01.

Underground Sewage Systems:

A choice of materials, diameters, colours and coil lengths are offered to the agricultural, sports & leisure sectors to achieve effective management of land water drainage. Including PVC coils and Geotextile wrapped filter drain.

Flexible Couplings & Adaptors:

The adapter couplings have a step moulded elastomeric sleeve that has different diameters at each end. The sleeve is fitted with two stainless steel clamping bands that provide an efficient method of connecting pipes that have varying outside diameters, eradicating possible bush requirements.Adaptor couplings can also be used to connect all traditional and new pipe systems including structural walled plastic pipes.

Linear Drainage:

General purpose channel drainage system with protective cast-in galvanised steel edge rails. Wide range of gratings designs and materials, sump unit, accessories and unions for connection to subsurface drainage. Available in 3 constant levels sections and 10 different slope sections.

  • Wide range of applications – civic areas, pedestrian areas, forecourts, car parks
  • Pre-sloped plus level invert units
  • Resin concrete construction offers excellent chemical resistance
  • Complete with sealant groove on the shallow invert channels only
  • Quick fastenings for all gratings
  • Quick scheme design using level invert units
  • Sump and gully outlets connections to underground drainage
  • Resin concrete channel construction is strong and rigid for lifetime integrity
  • Quick to install, minimal excavation
  • Interlocking male and female profiles aid alignment of channels during installation

Road Gullies:

The product is for use as trapped or untrapped road gullies for connection to Plastic Pipe systems or, with suitable adaptors, to clay drainage systems. The products are to be surrounded with concrete which must be in accordance with the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, Highways Agency Requirements (DETR, HA).