Polyethylene Barrier Pipe Systems

Polyethylene Barrier Pipe Systems

  • Pipes Ex Stock UTI 180mm
  • Mechanical Fittings
  • Fluid Compression Fittings
  • Tapping Saddles
  • Boundary Boxes
  • Denso Tape
  • Aluminium Tape

Barrier pipe systems are now commonplace in brownfield redevelopment, securing water supplies against infiltration by any chemicals still present in the ground. In addition to this role they offer equally important protection against future contamination of drinking water by surface run-off, as a result of accidental spills and from locations such as petrol station forecourts.

Protecting Drinking Water in contaminated Soil:

These pipes are the only plastic drinking water pipes with global approval for installation in contaminated soil. It incorporates a diffusion-resistant barrier layer that prevents the ingress of pollutants. One useful option opened up by the SLA is to install drinking water and sewage pipes together in a combined line.

  • 25mm to 630mm
  • Coils up to 180mm
  • 12m lengths – 90mm to 630mm
  • SDR11 and SR17 in most sizes

Polyethylene Barrier pipe Systems:

These products not only include the standard WIS specification blue and black polyethylene pipes from 20-1200mm, but also a range of specialist products. These include polyethylene barrier pipes from 25mm to 630mm diameters, peelable layered pipes for electrofusion and butt fusion welding and also a range of polyethylene pipes specifically designed for trenchless technology with a thicker protective outer layer, preventing any damage to the inner water pipe.

All of these products are now available from Civils and Drainage Supplies Ltd.

Boundary Boxes/Meter Chambers:

Meter Chambers are used to protect the water meter when it is installed underground. Often called Boundary Boxes because, for residential properties, they can be located at the boundary of the property, usually at the end of the drive. This makes access for reading the meter very easy and also marks the spot where the consumer becomes responsible for the service pipe which travels from the chamber into the residential property.

There is a manifold at the base of the chamber that houses the water meter (or a facility for fitting a water meter at a later date) and also has a stopcock for turning the water supply on or off. The manifold also has a built in non return valve which prevents any backflow of water. The manifold body is made from either a high impact ABS material or for potentially contaminated land there is also a gunmetal option. The manifold clips easily into a base made from a strong polypropylene material that holds it securely.

Installing the meter below ground level means that it is protected from frost and from any impact at the surface. There are a range of surface box and lid options which sit on top of a guard tube. The guard itself is 200mm in diameter and normally either 600mm or 800mm in length and and securely pushes into the polypropylene base.