HS pipe

HS pipe

Excellent technical properties and available from DN/OD 110 to DN/OD 800

The HS® drainage pipe system has excellent technical properties and is available from DN/OD 110 to DN/OD 800. Special components such as the VARIO coupler, the Demarcation and Control Chamber, a level lateral invert connection, a cleanout opening and diverse bends and branches contribute to the strong performance and diversity of use of this modern pipe system. The pipes are wall-reinforced solid wall PVC-U pipes in the colour brown.

They are manufactured as plain-ended pipes with chamfered spigots in DN/OD 110-315 and as single socket pipes in sizes DN/OD 400-800. The pipes are available in lengths of 1.5m, 3m and 5m. The moulded parts with a firmly inserted FE® seal are able to withstand heavy loads and can be used with coverings of between 0.5m and 6m for traffic loads of max HA 20. The measured ring stiffness amounts to ≥ 12 respectively 16kN per square metre. All of the moulded parts (SDR 34) are constructed so that they do not form any steps on the interior. The use of double socketed fittings enables the drainage pipe system to be installed easily.


  • All parts have a permanent engraving which enables important pipe-related data such as the manufacturer, nominal width and ring stiffness to be read years later
  • The pipes and moulded parts are pressure tight up to 2.5 bar so that they can also be used in water protection areas
  • All of the components in the HS® drainage pipe system are fitted with an oil-resistant red and black two-part seal which aids installation
  • The Demarcation and Control Chamber is small, telescopic and Class A/B or Class D, in accordance with the UK SFA 7 document
  • The HS® VARIO coupler has an integrated ball which allows connected pipes to pivot within a range of 0° to 11°