Pipeline Equipment & Accessories

  • Surface Boxes Plain and Badged
  • Concrete Chamber Sections
  • Plastic Chamber Sections
  • Valve Marker Posts & Plates
  • Pipeline Marker Posts
  • Valve Sealing Cones
  • Valve Tee Keys
  • Valve Extension Spindles
  • Toby Keys
  • Hydrant Stand Pipes
  • Marker Tapes
  • Corrosion Protection Tapes & Mastic
  • Industrial Hose&Fittings
  • Bauer Fittings
  • Flange Convertors
  • Sample Taps
  • Chlorus Tablets
  • Efuse Wires
  • PE Pipe Scrapers
  • Ferrule Keys
  • Drill Taps for Ferrules
  • Pipe Towing Heads
  • Repair Clamps
  • Pipe Squeeze Off Tools
  • Flow Stopping Equipment
  • Under Pressure Tees
  • Pipe Swabs


Flange Converters:

In situations where flanges of existing or new pipework are incompatible with other pipework components,we can offer a cost effective flange converter quickly to enable space saving jointing.
Converters are available for pipe diameters ranging from 50mm up to 2000mm and can be converted between any flange table required.


Pipe Swabs:

Soft Foam Swabs – Foam swabs for clearing dirt and excess water from pipes made from any material. Available in two densities with or without a hard plastic drive plate. The Yellow Bare Swab is designed for line proving and drying.


Surface Boxes:

Ductile iron D400 and Grade A BS750
This surface box combines high strength and light weight in an efficient and stable single-piece cover designed to be easy to remove in emergency situations.

Ductile iron BS5834 and Grade A heavy duty
This range of surface boxes combine high strength and light weight in an efficient and stable double-triangular design.

Concrete Chamber Sections – Valve Marker Posts & Plates:


Plastic Chamber Sections:

The recycled plastic chamber sections are manufactured to be a direct equivalent to traditional concrete alternatives.
Predominantly used as valve, hydrant and meter pits, plastic chambers are one-piece compression moulded sections available
in a wide range of industry standard clear openings. Available in a series of depths from 75mm up to150mm, finished chamber
depths can be achieved by simply stacking the interlocking sections on top of each other.


Extension Spindles:

Fixed length design features easy shortening.Fixed length extension spindles are used when the distance between the valve and the ground surface
is known so that adjustment of the length after installation is required to a limited extent or not at all.

Toby Keys, Hydrant Valve Keys, Stand Pipes & Marker Warning Tape :

SCOTTISH PATTERN HEAVY DUTY TOBY KEYS -K 002 – 3ft – K 002/1 – 48in – K 002/2 – 60in – K 002/3 – 72in
Scottish pattern toby key manufactured from 16mm diameter MS black bar. Toby keys supplied with stem lengths – 3ft, 4ft,
5ft and 6ft, as standard, complete with 12in (chisel forged one end) crossbar and MS pressed U-bar welded to one end.
Units normally supplied painted black gloss but can be supplied galvanised or zinc-plated if required.
HYDRANT VALVE KEYS – Marker warning tapes
STAND PIPE 3/4in. NB galvanised MS tube approx. length 1 metre c/w aluminium cast base
(or cast steel) with 2.5in female round thread to suit fire hydrant valve, c/w neoprene gasket, 3/4in
DZR bib tap in accordance with BS1010 and 3/4in DZR double check valve on stem in accordance
with BNS864 part 2 or EN 1254 part 2 or BS21.prod_util_access_lastmix